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GenCal II™ Certificate Management System

Forget Handwritten Calibration Reports and Stickers
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Certificate Management System - Integrated Service Solutions

GenCal II™ Certificate Management System (CMS) is a user-friendly, paperless database that stores all of your electronic equipment records. This proprietary application, developed by the in-house IT team at Integrated Service Solutions, is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant, validated and is a value added service to our customers.

Now you can forget having to print and store thousand of calibration records. CMS provides easy access to electronic calibration documents via your desktop computer or mobile devices. This web-based software provides our customers with instant access to their calibration records and serves as an asset management database. Your calibration records are easily accessible, especially during an audit. And the ability to locate, download and sort the data quickly reduces administrative overhead and improves effectiveness.

Easy to Use / Audit Ready
The GenCal II™ Certificate Management System is an online asset management tool that is available to all of our current customers. It is accessible 24/7/365 and allows users to:
• Search, view and download calibration reports
• Export data to a Microsoft Excel format
• Sort equipment by date calibrated, date due, model, manufacturer, description or serial number
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Secure & Encrypted Website to Store Your Electronic Calibration Documents
sslTo ensure the integrity of the data, the platform uses multiple layers of security such as; Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, password protection, ASP.Net 4.0, Microsoft SQL encryption, a company-owned and managed firewall and other state of the art technologies. In addition, the data is backed up on redundant servers ensuring that the data is always accessible. It is a restricted site, so customers must request login credentials. All logins and downloads are recorded with a time stamp, user id and IP address for traceability.
Compatibility for Mobile Devices
This latest addition of value added services for our customers includes a browser application. This allows users to view electronic reports on mobile devices such as tablets, iPhone and Droid devices.This enhancement gives an authorized representative at a customer site the ability to spot check equipment calibration records with an iPhone or iPad. This convenient and quick access to electronic documents is just another way to differentiate our services and provide our customers with the latest in technology.No Need for a Mobile App
Because the GenCal II™ Certificate Management System is built with mobile compatibility, there is no need to install anything on your mobile device in order to work within the system. It’s easy to use. And since it was developed by the internal resources of our IT team, you can be sure that it’s fully supported.

Leading the Way with Validated Electronic Calibration Reports and Bar Coded Labels
Say Good-bye to Handwritten Reports and Labels

We’re constantly streamlining our processes to provide our customers with cost savings and easy to read, audit ready documentation. We’ve led the way in paperless calibration reports and bar coded labels. Using the internal resources of our IT team, our custom-designed, validated software generates electronic calibration reports that are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. The electronic calibration reports include:

  • Detailed header information
  • Complete As Found/As Left Data
  • SOP reference
  • Equipment Manufacturer, Model and/or Serial Number
  • Equipment Location
  • Comments section

To complement the electronic reports and provide our customers with a first-class calibration package, all of our calibration labels are electronically generated and include bar codes with unique equipment identifiers. These durable, thermal printed labels eliminate human error, ensure data accuracy and are easy to read.

Electronic Calibration Services LabelElectronic Calibration Label