Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer-FeedbackFeedback from Our Customers

Customer reviews are the insight to how you are responding to our level of service. It helps us to better understand your needs, it provides valuable feedback and it encourages us to raise the bar ever higher.

Customer satisfaction is not something we simply talk about. It’s something we strive for everyday. Our philosophy is simple; treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

Four times a year, our Business Development team reaches out to our clients to get their feedback on every facet of the service we delivered; from speed of response to answering phone calls, emails or online chats, to quoting and invoicing accuracy, to the knowledge and professionalism of the technician delivering the service.

Stop By for a First Hand Look at our Facility and Metrology Lab

In addition to the formal surveys, we also encourage on site audits and tours of our facility. This provides our customer base as well as potential new customers the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of the people, resources and programs that comprise Integrated Service Solutions.

The feedback that we receive from our surveys, face-to-face meetings and customer audits helps us to identify key drivers that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Our customer satisfaction rating for 2017 and 2016:

* Quarters 1-4:  >98%

We’d like to thank everyone for their feedback, referrals and recommendations. We appreciate the ongoing support of our customer base and extend a huge welcome to the more than 100 new customers we welcomed in 2016.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Integrated Service Solutions:

"The technician arrived on time, was knowledgeable, professional, organized, and courteous. The Documentation was perfect, the best I have received from any vendor we work with and delivered very quickly. It is very easy to read and understand. Overall the service was excellent. Your technician arrived on site with everything he needed, required very little of our time and adapted easily to our lab conditions. We are very satisfied with the service we received from ISS and look forward to future business."

"I am happy with the timely email communication. I also like the timely turnaround time of completing the work. It is nice getting the email with the findings. I would definitely recommend ISS to others."

"We were extremely satisfied with the PM and OQ/PQ services that your technician performed during a recent service call. He was knowledgeable, efficient and professional, and I was particularly impressed by his "exit interview" upon completion of the work. He went through all of the PM and OQ/PQ documentation and highlighted test data that met acceptance criteria but may be indicative of a future problem. The technician was very thorough—he covered the test protocols and sections that must be reviewed and approved by QA."

"I just want to emphasize how pleasant your technicians are to work with. They are fun and charming; and never complain about those occasions when they have to stay late. They work hard to make sure the job gets done—and done well... The few times we have follow-up questions, they have been quick to respond."

“Your staff has been wonderful in assisting me with calibration services for my equipment. Your customer service administrators are always professional, courteous and quick with their responses. I also appreciated the short lead time required to have my equipment calibrated. Both instances this year were completed within a weeks time of scheduling. I will be using your services this coming year. Thank you for the outstanding support!”

“We have several special requirements that are always met to our satisfaction. You always have time to answer queries from our lab staff.”

“Your company is great. We do appreciate the turn around. "

“Over the past year and a half, I have seen your team perform at a very high level and also seen you provide an excellent service at an acceptable price. ”

“Another great experience with ISS! Mike always arrives on time and does excellent work. He is willing to work around any equipment we may need to use and leaves the work area very clean when finished. Would definitely recommend him and ISS to any lab!!”

“Thanks again for the prompt quotation. I am in the process of cleaning up after a predecessor who has since left the company and I really appreciate you getting back to me.”

“Your technician was very knowledgeable in validation of our instruments. He arrived promptly and thoroughly reviewed the paperwork with me before leaving. I would definitely recommend your company to others.”


“It was very refreshing to have a technician who actually took the time and paid attention to the details as he did. He did a first class job and presented himself as a true professional. I'm delighted that our first experience with your company was such a positive one.”

“What can I say I wish all the companies we interface with were as good as ISS. We are very pleased with the services provided for us. Thank you all at ISS for doing a great job! .”

“The technician you sent out to do our calibration service was excellent. He was very professional, hard working and a pleasure to work with. I also found the entire staff of Integrated Service Solutions a pleasure work with. You folks are very responsive and probably one of the best vendors we have worked with.”

“Our company as well as I am very pleased with all facets of the services you provide. You definitely have a quality team.”

“Thank you! Please give my regards to your Met Lab folks. Good job with the cert."

“I have been very happy with the level of service I have been receiving from Integrated Service Solutions. As far as I am concerned I will always turn to you first for my calibration needs.”

“I was very impressed with your facilities, your personnel and equipment. Thank for taking the time with us today. Our former CEO liked to use the word panache when describing people and facilities that he thought had real style. Had he been along today I'm sure it would have come up on the trip home.”

“We would like to thank you for the excellent service.”

“We have several special requirements that are always met to our satisfaction. You always have time to answer queries from our lab staff.”

“I had a good experience working with your team last week. The report format is great, it’s easy to follow and understand.”



“I would like to say how impressed I am with how quick and prompt your company is in returning emails and sending standard paperwork.”

“Nicole and Felks provide outstanding customer service and technical expertise. Thank you.”

“You always try to do whatever it takes to meet our needs. Communication, scheduling and consistent technicians are a key to this relationship.”

“The technicians who come here do an excellent job. We are very happy as a customer.”

“I am very pleased with the service we received and feel that the staff was extremely knowledgeable. I have had my pipettors calibrated by other groups before and none have done as good a job as Integrated Service Solutions did.”

“In my opinion you folks have been exceptional over the past year. The service technicians and support staff have always been professional and able to respond in a timely fashion to address our concerns and or needs even when we’ve have had to call upon them for emergency situations.”

“Your technicians were very knowledgeable about the equipment and explaining the problems to us.”

“The service you provided was excellent.”

"We are always serviced by the same technician and he has always done outstanding work. He knows the history of our bioreactor and is great at troubleshooting..."

“I want to express our satisfaction with the service of the entire ISS team. Beginning with your timely reminder that we were due for reevaluation, the process flowed smoothly and quickly. The evaluations and reports were generated in a very timely fashion and we are now using equipment that is assured to protect the user. As usual, our staff is encouraged by the opportunity to watch this effort.”