Pipette Calibration Services


Are you A2LA accredited? ISO 8655?

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered since 2004 and A2LA 17025:2017 Accredited since 2007. Our A2LA accreditation is for both on-site and mail-in pipette calibration services. Our ISO and A2LA certifications ensure that we provide our customers with a consistent standard of quality. In addition, we are compliant with ISO 8655 and will customize pipette calibrations based upon manufacturer’s requirements, customer specific needs or follow our SOP’s.

Is there a cost for electronic certs?

There are no hidden charges. Electronic pipette calibration reports are included in the pipette calibration price.

24-hour turnaround time?

With a scheduled appointment, you’ll receive 24 hour turnaround time to calibrate pipettes in our Metrology Lab at NO extra charge. If repairs are needed, they are quoted separately and are not included in the 24 hour turnaround.


Multi Channel Pipette Calibration Services


Pipette Calibration Services  

ISO 17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA / ISO 8655 / ISO 9001:2015
Nationwide On-site Service or Mail-In (24 hour turnaround)
Electronic Calibration Reports, Bar Coded Labels
Service All Brands: VWR, Sartorius, Gilson, Rainin, Eppendorf
Broad Customer Base; Pharma, Forensic Labs, Hospitals, Crime Labs

Pipette Calibration Services

22 Years Experience with the Resources to Make a Difference

Whether you prefer to have your pipettes calibrated on-site or use our mail-in service, Integrated Service Solutions provides you with flexible scheduling and the resources to meet your needs.

All of our pipette calibrations are ISO 17025:2017 accredited by A2LA, compliant with ISO 8655 and are performed following either our SOP’s or your specific requirements.

In addition, all calibration reports are electronic and there is no upcharge for electronic documents. You also receive your reports the same day the calibrations are completed and you can quickly access your documents via our Certificate Management System (CMS.) CMS allows you to view, sort and download your e-reports with simple keystrokes so you are always audit ready.

Simplified Service Levels

To provide you the best service, the best quality and the best pricing, you won’t have a bunch of confusing service levels to chose from. We keep it simple and concise and provide you with exactly what you need; from an ISO 17025 accredited calibration to a complete PM including changing O-rings and seals.

Nationwide On-Site Scheduling is Quick and Easy

For customers who prefer the convenience of having their pipettes calibrated on-site, we will dispatch as many technicians as needed to get the job done in your timeframe.

4 dreamstime_xl_10406838If you need one technician or require 12 or more technicians to meet your lab calibration schedules, we have the resources. All of our technicians are full-time employees with documented training in our ISO registered Quality System.

Our team of experienced pipette technicians travel to your site to calibrate your pipettes using our analytical balances calibrated with ASTM 1/NIST traceable weights. If you have multi-channel pipettes, we bring our high-speed balances to ensure that the calibrations are completed on time with speed and accuracy. We come equipped with the proper tools and consumable standards including grease, silicone and cleaning materials.

Whether you select on-site or mail-in, we guarantee you the same outstanding service, quality and price.

  • ISO 17025:2017 accredited by A2LA since 2007
  • All Channels of Multi-Channel Pipettes are Calibrated for GLP/GMP Services
  • NIST Traceable Documentation with “As Found” and “As Left” Data by Service Level
  • Quality Review of all Pipette Calibration Reports
  • Fixed Fee Calibrations at the Best Price
  • Electronic Pipette Calibration reports stored in our database for easy look-up
  • All Pipettes have Non-residual, Smudge proof Bar Coded labels with calibration intervals
  • All major pipette manufacturers serviced
  • Simplified Service Levels

Mail-In Service That’s Quick and Convenient

Metrology Laboratory

Main-In Pipettes are Calibrated in our Metrology Laboratory

Using our mail-in service, you receive the same great service as our on-site customers. The only difference is that your pipettes are calibrated in our Metrology Lab—a controlled environment with a monitored and steady 70 degree temperature and controlled humidity. With advance notice, we will calibrate your pipettes within 24 hours at no additional charge.

Click here to see where your pipettes are calibrated when you ship them to us.

Pipette Decontamination Form

When you’re shipping pipettes into our Metrology lab, be sure to Click here to download Documentour Pipette Decontamination Form and include it with your shipment. Also, make sure to send in pipette tips and chargers.
DECON FORM (Download here)

To see a complete list of manufacturer’s equipment that we service please click here.