Mass Flow Calibration

Mass Flow Calibration
ISO 17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA

Total System Performance, On-site or in Our Metrology Lab

Mass Flow Calibration Services at Integrated Service Solutions Mass Flow Calibration Services at Integrated Service Solutions

Integrated Service Solutions, Inc. delivers ISO 17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA Mass Flow Calibrations with the demonstrated experience over a wide range of pharmaceutical Mass Flow applications.

Our trained technicians are experienced in the total system performance, not just the Mass Flow rate. This gives you total application support for documented traceability and accuracy.

With us you have a choice. If you prefer, we will calibrate your mass flow equipment on-site OR in our state-of-the-art Metrology lab. Our services include: preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and calibration. You’ll benefit from the same scheduling and cost efficiencies that distinguish all of our services.

Mass Flow Calibration Capabilities
  • We cover a range from .5 sccm (.0005LPM) to 3000 SLPM using state of the art DH Instrument Laminar Flow Element MolboxTM technology, coupled with the latest Sonic Flow nozzle technology. These include upstream or downstream measurement configurations with Nitrogen, Air, Oxygen, Helium and gas mixtures.
  • Calibrations are always performed with “As Found and As Left” data in an ISO/GMP compliant format and supported with NIST traceable standards.
  • Rotameters can be accurately calibrated for either upstream or downstream operation, with outlet pressure compensation K factor calculation based on your process.
  • Clean compressed air is used as the test gas.
  • We are experienced in Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) and knowledgeable with both manual and automated MFC valve adjustments.

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