Metrology Laboratory

Pipette Calibration

Pipette Calibration Services • Fixed, adjustable, electronic pipettes
• Single or multi channel pipettes
• Repeaters and Bottle Cap Dispensers

Mass Flow

Mass Flow Calibration • Brooks, Sierra, Cole Parmer
• Laminar flow from 0 to 100 slpm
• Sonic flow from 250 to 3000 slpm
• Liquid/Ultrasonic/Transit Time

Mass Calibrations (weights)

Mass Weight Calibration
• All ASTM & NIST-class weights, from 25 kilograms (55 lbs.) to 1 milligram
• All ASTM, OIML, and Ultra weight classes


Physical Dimension Calibration • Gage Block
• Pin Gage
• Ring and Plug Gage
• Threaded Ring and Plug Gage
• Snap Gage
• Bore gauge
• Micrometer
• Dial Indicator

Process Instrumentation

• Power Meters (KW)
• Frequency Calibrators
• Milliamp Calibrators Loop Calibrators
• DC Voltage Calibrators
• Multifunction Process Calibrators
• Decade Boxes, Resistance & RTD simulation
• Thermocouple Calibrators
• Digital Multimeters
• Current Clamp on Meters
• Ohmmeters
• Dataloggers
• Recorders
• Tachometers
• Conductivity Test Fixtures (sticks)
• Timers & Stopwatches
• Oscilloscopes
• Voltage and Current Standards (Secondary & Working Grade)

Pressure Equipment

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance • Vacuum, 0.4mmHgA to 1000mmHgA
• Barometers
• High Vacuum Calibrators
• Vacuum Gauges, Indicators
• Very Low Pressure, 0-60.000.H20
• Draft Pressure Sensors
• Manometers
• Hook Gauges
• Standard Pressure, 0-500 PSI
• Calibrators
• Modules, Gauges, Indicators
• Pressure Switches
• Medium to High Pressure, 500-10,000 PSI
• Gauge Comparators
• Modules, Gauges, Indicators

Relative Humidity (Rh) Equipment

Metrology Calibration

• Dewpoint Meters, 15 ppmV to 75 ppmV
• Humidity Transmitter
• Humidity/Temperature Meters
• Humidity/Temperature Dataloggers
• Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorders
• 3 point Humidity & Temp Cal.
• Thunder Scientific Model 2500 “Two-Pressure” Humidity Generator

Specialized Testing

Calibration Services Onsite• Air Flow Anemometer, 30 to 9,000 SCFM (Diameter 4 inches or less)
• Particle Counter, Testing 0.5 and 5 micron
• High Temperature to 1200 °C
• PH/Conductivity
• TOC Conductivity Standards
• Process Photometers

Temperature Equipment

• Fluidized Temperature Blocks/Baths
• Dry Temperature Blocks
• Precision Thermometers
• Ice Point Reference Cells
• Secondary RTD Thermometers
• Industrial RTD Thermometers
• Thermocouple Thermometer (probes or wirebead, typical use)
• Thermocouple Thermometers (probes or wirebead, high temperature application)
• Infrared Thermometers
• Temperature Transmitters
• Temperature Controllers
• Temperature Loggers
• Glass & Dial Thermometers
• Psychrometers, Dual Matched Thermometers

Validation Test Equipment

Kaye Validator
• Data Acquisition Systems
• GE-Kaye Smart RTD
• GE-Kaye Validator KL, 2000 and older
• SIM Modules for Validator 2000
• Probes IRTD 400; 500
• Wireless Dataloggers

Miscellaneous Equipment

On-Site Calibration

• Force Gauges, compression or tension
• Liquid Flow measurement
• Torque Analyzers, Wrenches and Screwdrivers

Metrology Laboratory

ISO 17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA for Calibration Services
Including Low Temperature Dew Point Calibrations

Metrology Laboratory

We’ve expanded our Lab – added more equipment and resources – to give you even FASTER turnaround time.

Our state-of-the-art 10,000 sq. ft. Metrology, Mass, Physical/Dimensional, TOC and Pipette Laboratories provide equipment calibrations for all major brands of equipment. Temperature and humidity controlled through energy efficient geothermal HVAC, the Laboratory is outfitted with industry-leading test and measurement equipment, accessories and software.

Every instrument calibration is performed by technicians with documented training. Calibrations are carried out to manufacturer’s specifications using our extensive library of established SOP’s and are 100% reviewed by our Quality Assurance team. And all processes and procedures are in full compliance with ISO guidelines.

Our Metrology Lab is spacious, bright and clean. Each calibration station is designated for specific applications; such as pressure, temperature, mass flow, physical/dimensional, torque, mass (weight), pipettes, particle counters, DC Low, humidity and more.

Take a tour of our Metrology Laboratory with a 360° Virtual Tour 

Electronic Certificates of Calibration are provided with all applicable NIST or certificate trace number(s) and we maintain a complete documentation control system. Click here to request a copy. This calibration database enables us to best assess your needs and to notify you when you equipment is next due for calibration. In addition, our ISO quality assurance program monitors the services being provided by our Metrology Lab to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Mail-in, Drop-off, Pick-up Services

If you’d like to use our mail-in service, we receive daily shipments via routine carriers such as UPS and FedEx and our loading dock provides easy access for larger equipment.

All test equipment that is delivered or shipped to our laboratory is received in our accessed controlled shipping/receiving area where it is electronically entered and sorted. After the equipment is calibrated, it is then carefully packaged using either custom designed equipment cases or secure packaging materials.

Pickup Shipping Equipment

Customer Pick up and Delivery Service

ISS Shipping Receiving Equipment

Shipping & Receiving Equipment

Metrology Lab Overview
  • The Metrology Lab is ANSI Z540 compliant
  • Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 with a demonstrated ability to perform specific calibration tests
  • All of our calibration services use standards of accuracy traceable to NIST
  • Standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days
  • Rush service is available upon request. Click here to inquire.
  • Regional pick up and delivery of test equipment
  • Calibration certificates are electronic and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Test equipment is bar coded
  • Restricted laboratory access to ensure equipment integrity
  • Staffed by full-time, trained metrologists and a dedicated customer support administrator
National Association for Proficiency Testing Accredited
National Association for Proficiency Testing (NAPT) is a third party, non-profit association dedicated to the improvement of measurement quality. NAPT provides professional administration of ILC/PTs (interlaboratory comparisons/proficiency tests) and round robins. All of the NAPT programs are conducted in accordance with current quality guidelines and standards. NAPT test results are accepted by all recognized accreditation bodies as being technically sound and in conformance with required standards.

NAPT Proficiency Testing Accreditation