TOC Services

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Services

On-Site or Via In-House TOC/Water Laboratory

Total Organic Carbon TOC Calibration

TOC Services by an Integrated Service Solutions Field Technician

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is a technique used to measure water quality of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

At Integrated Service Solutions, Inc. we have trained and experienced chemists that follow United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines to provide a comprehensive range of services for your TOC equipment including:
* Preventive  and Corrective Maintenance
* System Suitability Testing
* Calibration Verification

We routinely service instruments for customers that are manufactured by Anatel, Sievers and Thornton.

Our in-house TOC/Water Laboratory produces the consumable standards that are needed to perform system suitability and calibration on TOC Analyzers.

Our TOC lab also prepares system suitability chemicals for the Anatel A1000 and A100. These test standards are used by our technicians for a service solution not provided by OEMs.


Our standards:
• Have a longer validated shelf life than OEMs
• Cost significantly less
• Lower delivery costs

Currently, we have system suitability and calibration kits available for Sievers 800/900, Sievers 400, and Anatel 643

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Preventive Maintenance
  • Cleaning of Instrument
  • Eliminating Reagent Leaks
  • Troubleshooting During Zero Sequence
  • Auto Sampler Needle Alignment
  • Vacuum Degasser Service
  • Pump Services
Installation Modifications
  • Matching Specific
  • Application Needs
  • Set-up from “Out-of-the-Box” to Point of Use
  • Plumbing Modifications
  • NEMA Enclosure Packaging
Consumable Services
  • Sample Pump
  • Tubing Exchange
  • Reagent Exchange Services
  • UV Lamp Exchange and Installation
  • Removal and Start-up Services
  • Chemical Standards
  • Sample Pump