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Integrated Service Solutions, Inc. Successfully Completes ISO Surveillance Audit

MAY 1, 2015—LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA— Integrated Service Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) announced today they have successfully completed their ISO 9001:2008 surveillance audit.

DQS UL, one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide, conducted the audit. This highly recognized third-party auditor provides independent confirmation that Integrated Service Solutions meets the needs of regulatory requirements and demonstrates that the company has a robust and mature quality management system.

Integrated Service Solutions has a vibrant nature, your staff demonstrates enthusiasm and zeal for their work and they are focused on continuously improving what they do.

Key attributes of ISO focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

“These characteristics define the organizational structure of Integrated Service Solutions,” said Catherine Peetros, Director of Business Development and Operations. “The auditor met with many of our employees, from quality assurance, to customer service, client relations, and our technicians. It was an in depth audit that entailed reading many of our SOP’s, analyzing training records and scrutinizing our customer satisfaction program. The auditor’s comments were noteworthy: Integrated Service Solutions has a vibrant nature, your staff demonstrates enthusiasm and zeal for their work and they are focused on continuously improving what they do, added Peetros.”

The company has made numerous infrastructure improvements in the past year including:

  • Reinvested in test equipment including the purchase of the Fluke Low Pressure Calibrator. This equipment expands the capabilities of the company’s metrology lab to calibrate very low-pressure sensors, transducers, mechanical gauges, and portable calibrators.
  • Designed a “sign in/sign out” app for smart phones. This app enables the company’s field service technicians to interact with customers by having them acknowledge the arrival and departure time of the technicians.
  • Launched GenCal II™. Designed and developed by the in-house IT team at Integrated Service Solutions, GenCal II is a high performance database that connects service technicians, customers and support staff with immediate access to electronic calibration data.
  • Expansion of the company’s Certificate Management System (CMS). This electronic database provides customers with easy access to their calibration records via a password protected encrypted web site.

This month marks the Company’s 17th year in business. The successful completion of the annual ISO audit verifies the entire company is committed to service excellence.

Corporate Office Building

Integrated Service Solutions Corporate Office Building

About Integrated Service Solutions, Inc.

Integrated Service Solutions, Inc. is a single source service provider providing customers with a
full-range of test equipment and instrument services to meet the needs of regulated businesses across the U.S.

Privately-owned, ISO 9001:2008 registered and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, the company, founded in 1998, specializes in providing equipment calibration and preventive maintenance services to more than 800 businesses across multiple technologies including:

  • Nationwide On-site Equipment Services
  • 17025 Accredited on-site and mail-in Pipette Calibrations
  • Metrology Laboratory Calibrations
  • Asset Management
  • Temperature Mapping & Validation Services (IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Certifications for biosafety cabinets, hoods and cleanrooms
  • Technical Staffing, Training and Quality Engineering Consulting Services

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